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Pakistani soil not used for terrorism in India, claims Sharif; it is only arms

04, Feb 2016 By MRP

Lahore: “Pakistani soil has never been used for carrying out terror strikes in India”, asserted the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “I am sick of explaining this to India.” Sharif was participating in a media event here in Lahore, against the backdrop of mounting pressure on Pakistan to investigate the Pathankot attack.

nawaz sharif
“A lot of soil is required for that”, explains Sharif

Answering a question from an Indian correspondent, Sharif said, “These are wild allegations. Pakistani soil has not been used to carry out terror strikes in India. If at all, Pakistani arms and explosives might have been used. Not Pakistani soil. Tell me, who will dig out all the soil in Pakistan and carry across the border so much soil as to cause damage in India, whether it is buildings or other establishments. A very large quantity of soil will be required for that and can’t be transported . You Indians do not use even this much logic while accusing Pakistan. If at all they wanted to use soil for the attacks, they would have used local soil of India after crossing the border.”

When another Indian journalist asked how this argument would convince the Indians, Sharif said, “We want friendly relations with India. Even now, if India provides evidence of Pakistani soil in the vicinity of terrorist attacks in India, we are ready to investigate and bring the perpetrators to book. A simple soil test will establish the truth. So the ball is in India’s court to provide evidence. Don’t push the ball back to Pakistani court. Our court needs evidence, not a ball. I also want to tell the Indians that no Pakistani was involved in the Pathankot attack.”

The journalist further asked, “Sir, how are you sure that Masood Azhar was not involved in the Pathankot attack?”

“I am sure. Masoor himself told me”, Sharif said. “Yet we have detained him to show the world our sincerity in the matter.”