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Pakistan to rename its two cities as Srinagar and Delhi to claim victory

21, Aug 2013 By confused

In an exclusive report only accessible to Faking News , it is learnt that Pakistan has decided to rename its cities Sargodha and Dadu as Srinagar and Delhi. This decision has come after a six-hour hectic meeting among stakeholders of Pakistani interests. Namely Army , ISI and numerous philanthropist groups like jamaat ul dawa , jaish-e-mohammad etc.

Report further elaborates the reason behind this exercise. It says that it was a long cherished dream of some Pakistani generals and prime ministers to have lunch in Srinagar and dinner in Delhi. But despite putting all the resources and efforts the dream has remain illusive.

After failing to realize its dream in this map for over 60 years now, Pakistan has taken this extreme step

When confused reporter of faking news asked the highest ranking officer of pakistan army , over Google hangout , that “is this decision taken to fulfill that long cherished dream?” He replied ,” See, every army general is not lucky enough like Musharraf sahab to have dinner in new Delhi even after kargil episode. So we have decided to make our self lucky by renaming these cities. Not only dinner, we can have breakfast , brunch and lunch too.”

On reminding him that the Indian govt is very keen to talk to Pakistani establishment and this can provide him a chance to have dinner in New Delhi. He replied ” See Musharraf sahab went to New Delhi and now he is running all around the world to save his ass. Even I want to go to Dubai and I usually go there but not for asylum  you know” and he smiled.

When this reporter further asked ” Will this decision not amount to fool the Pakistani people on which u have enjoyed so much clout in Pakistan.” He immediately asked ” what is your name?”. After getting the reply “confused”   he continued  ” your name is apt for the kind of face you have and the kind brain our people have. We are fooling them since 1947. Have they ever come to notice.  If they can believe that pinching India and supporting terrorism will make Pakistan most prosperous and powerful nation in the world then there is no point that they will not believe that we have occupied Srinagar and Delhi.” When this reporter interrupted  ” It means u accept that u support terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of India?”.  He replied, ” do you think your army is fighting with buddhist monks there. It is not our fault it is your govt which keeps on giving clean chits to us.”

Finally when reporter offered to answer any question from the officer he candidly asked ,” Does Sharapova ever hangout on Google plus, sorry sugarpova? She is so sweet no.”

Meanwhile current PM of Pakistan was found banging his head for not able to find an external affair minister as beautiful talented as Ms Khar and Indian PM was banging his head for finding a foreign minister like Mr khurshid.