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Pakistan rejects BRICS statement, claims they have no safe haven for any terror outfit

15, Sep 2017 By shivaku

The Defense Minister of Pakistan Mr. Khurrum Dastagir Khan has rejected BRICS Statement. He has confirmed that he is just coming from a meeting held, on the backdrop of BRICS statement, between the Army chief, ISI and heads of all the terrorist outfits.

He has informed that heads of terrorist outfits have summarily rejected that they are safe in Pakistan and in any case Pakistan is not safe haven for them. Further he added that he, Army and ISI have accepted the explanation given by chiefs of terrorist outfits and urged the BRICS to accept the same by looking at the ground reality. He disclosed the points emanated in the meeting.

"Don't worry! We are above BRICS or any other such establishment", claims Pakistan
“Don’t worry! We are above BRICS or any other such establishment”, claims Pakistan

Before releasing aid America was asking for Pak’s commitment in containing terrorism. Pak had to attack terrorist hideouts killing some of them to show that they are on the job. The terrorist outfits  had to turn blind eye on these attacks as they are provided with weapons and training by Pak Army.

The main points emanated in the meeting are listed below which proves that Pakistan is not safe haven for terrorist outfits:

  1. Every terrorist, except the leaders, had an equal opportunity to get killed in Pak army raids.
  2. America carries out drone attacks on terrorists, mainly leaders of terrorist outfits.
  3. Pakistan was not restricting terrorists’ movements. They are allowed to roam freely, conduct rallies and do whatever they like. Under these circumstances, they are not safe, as it is dangerous to live in Pakistan.
  4. They run the risk of getting killed while making explosives.
  5. Now India has started surgical strike on terror camps.

Now it is time for BRICS to take back their words and  to stop victimizing Pakistan.