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Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif congratulates terrorists for attack at Karachi Airport, says ISI did its homework well

13, Jun 2014 By shubhankar

In a statement that LeT and TTP commanders had been long waiting for, the Pakistan PM Mr Nawaz Sharif has showered wholesome praise on the terrorist organizations for their role in the attack on the Karachi airport.

nawaz sharif
Supportive PM.

I wish to congratulate all the terrorist organizations today for their stupendous success in attacking the Jinnah International Airport. They have done Pakistan proud. I would specially mention Mian Hafeez Sayeed for agreeing to my suggestion of staging an attack on Pakistan soil itself” – Geo news quoted Mr Sharif who was at the Abbottabad academy to assess their preparedness in hosting the next terrorist attack.

When contacted by Faking News, General Rahil Shareef (who has made his hands dirty earlier while working with ISI and who claimed the sole credit for planning the attack) had this to say:

Toh kya karen? It is very difficult to monitor these attacks when we do them in India. NDTV reaches before your NSG and that Barkha girl of yours – disrupts the whole Combat Readiness Assessment Programme (CRAP). Your Aaj Tak asks my boys how do they feel fighting in India. For god’s sake – they are professionals. What are they supposed to feel like ? Tourists? …All these made us realize that independent assessment will not and can not be done until we stage the whole thing in Pakistan. After all ISI too has a performance audit. These are not 90’s anymore.”

Mr. Hafeez Sayeed, the LeT CEO met with Mr. Masood Azhar of JuD fame and has issued a joint thanks giving statement. “We thank the ISI for all the logistic support that they have rendered. The whole India knows that without them we are ghanta….it helps that the ISI and Pakistani army chief are one and same. These joint exercises with the Pakistani Army helps us in removing our operational flaws and promotes further bhaichara among these organizations. The Central deputation programmes have also been of help in this regard.”

When contacted the GHQ at Rawalpindi clarified that the PM has issued strict instructions as to prepare a calendar for such attacks. “The broad guidelines are that every military establishment and training school will be given a chance to host at least one attack per year. However, care should be taken to see that attacks are well-distributed over the country. We do not want Baluchistan to complaint again…”

The Foreign affairs spokesperson in Delhi reportedly congratulated Pakistan in taking another step towards achieving self-reliance in hosting militant attacks -” Pakistan has overcome a significant operational block by staging this attack. We hope they achieve full self reliance…”

Meanwhile a Defense Ministry spokesman form Pakistan said that ISI is in talks with GEO Tv to live telecast the future attacks. “We don’t want another Kargil, when even to know what posts we lost, we switched on Aaaj Tak.”