Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Pakistan is now supporting Modi as a PM of India

22, Apr 2014 By Chouraha Chaturvedi

In the recent news, Pakistan came forward and showed its full support to Shri Narendra “Bhai” Modi.

Giriraj Singh, a Bihar BJP Leader and candidate from Navada seat, recently commented that “Those who opposing Modi should go to Pakistan”. This statement caught immediate attention of Pakistanis Builders Association and Pakistan Tourism Department.

Pakistanis Builders Association are expecting a 3100% rise in the property rates while Pakistan Tourism Department is expecting a 1000% Boost in the Tourism. Abottabad is being favorite of tourists and its on top.

Mian Nawaz Sharif personally called Narendra Bhai Modi and thanked him for nice gesture and asked Mr. Modi to send his best wishes to Giriraj Singh for the election.

Now Pakistan is seriously waiting for 16 May 2014 as the result of election will be declared on same day. Millions of Indians have started to search Google for “Cost of living in Pakistan” and “Best place to stay in Pakistan”.

Raj Khan Samuel who lives in Delhi said, “I am happy and unhappy at the movement, I am happy because its the new country I will be staying at, and I am unhappy because I don’t have enough money to move to Pakistan and i don’t understand the Urdu.”

This will be spectacular when millions of People from India will leave India and find new home in holy Pakistan.