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Pakistan handed over Tunda to save Congress and avoid Modi at centre

20, Aug 2013 By Suvo Palit

In a rare instance in the world of International diplomacy, the Pakistani National Assembly convened an emergency session last week to discuss the damages done to its national security in the wake of recent violations of ceasefire agreement with India in which multiple Indian soldiers have been killed. It has now dawned on the Pakistani legislators that this spree of attacks on India and subsequent inaction by the Indian Government has led to massive dissent against the ruling party and a pro-Modi wave in the nation.

It is an open secret that Pakistan considers the INC as its first line of defence. There is a tacit confidence among Pakistanis that as long as INC led UPA is in power, they can get away with anything and can rest assured of complete inaction and no retaliation from Indian side.

A senior Pakistani legislator, on conditions of anonymity, explained that if Jinnah and Muslim League was the mother who gave birth to the state of Pakistan, Nehru and INC had also done their bit as a father and it was this sense of fatherhood that guided the Congress in its dealings with Pakistan.

In never seen before scenes, the National Assembly unanimously lambasted Nawaz Sharif’s government for jeopardizing Pakistan’s security by committing these attacks that now threatened to cause a sure loss for the UPA. They pointed out that a Government headed by Modi would be like a nail in Pakistan’s coffin.

In a damage control bid, Sharif called up his counterpart Singh and offered to hand over any of the top 20 wanted terrorists holed up in Pakistan including Dawood Ibrahim and Hafeez Saeed. He explained that this was the only way for the Congress to save its face and harbour hopes of retaining power.

However, the Indian Prime Minister again displayed his famous magnanimity and declined Sharif’s offer of handing over Pakistan’s favourite sons. After long rounds of negotiations, Sharif managed to convince Singh to at least accept Tunda, a retired and disabled former bomb maker who was now more of a burden to the Pakistani exchequer.

The handover was immaculately carried out and publicised as an arrest by the IB. As per norms, Singh has been silent on the development. On the other hand, Pakistan is hoping that this will take the pressure off from Congress and give them a chance to stop the Modi wave in India.