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Pakistan Government selects BJP as its Brand Ambassador

23, May 2015 By dashy

In a rather surprisingly generous move, the Pakistan Government has appointed BJP as the Brand Ambassador for Pakistan Tourism, after many of party members asked to people to go to Pakistan.

First it was the Honorable Giriraj Singh who was hell bent on sending everyone to Pakistan, and now, it is Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

According to Naqvi, anyone who wants to eat beef should go to Pakistan instead of to the other states in India, where beef is not yet banned.

This is being seen as a big blow to Goa Tourism and the Goa CM Laxmikant Parsekar is livid, if my drunken sources are to be believed.

The poster released by Pakistan

“Goa allows beef and is a BJP run state! Why is the BJP at center working against a BJP run state?” he was heard muttering as he stood on the beach thinking about banning bikinis.

Taking a cue from this apparent rift in the BJP, Rahul Gandhi along with his senior Congress leaders will be organizing a padyatra to visit all the beef eating farmers and house buyers who use RTI.

Digvijay Singh however, will not take a part in that padyatra, as he was busy attending PM Modi, attending his own son’s wedding.

It was also reported that, Arvind Kejriwal of AAP has ordered for an independent judicial enquiry in this matter claiming, “Pakistan bhi mila hua hain“.

However, the LG of Delhi, Najeeb Jung was quick to turn down this order within two minutes of it being issued.

In an unrelated news, special visa on arrival will be given to Cows in Pakistan if they want to migrate to India. Especially if they are Desi Cows.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be making a speech to that effect soon which will go something like “Before being the PM of India, I am first and foremost a guy……..” (read gaay/cow)

Disclaimer: If any of you seriously plan to go to Pakistan for eating beef please weigh the pros and cons between Pakistan and Goa. Women in Burkhas or Women in Bikinis on beach??

Choice is yours !!!

Jan Hit Mein Jaari.