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Pakistan demands Nobel Prize for Ahmed Shehzad for his contribution in spreading religion of peace, ie: Islam

11, Oct 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Islamabad. Pakistanis are unhappy with the Nobel Prize jury. They were expecting Ahmed Shehzad to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution for Islam and Peace.

Shehzaad spreading the message of Islam on cricket field.
Shehzaad spreading the message of Islam on cricket field.

“Undoubtedly, Ahmed Shehzad has done commendable work for bringing peace across the World especially in Sri Lanka,” said Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif expressed his anger to the jury.

Sources close to Bilawal Bhutto say that even Sri Lankan Government has recommended Shehzad’s name for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution for Islam in their country.

“Dilshan is the main witness to Shehzad’s Nobel cause.  However Dilshan couldn’t leverage the opportunity of Ahmed’s selfless work towards Islam but still his efforts should have been recognized across the world,” a close aid of PM Nawaz Sharif told to Fakingnews.

Meanwhile, reports are coming that Pakistan has sent a letter to the Jury of Nobel Prize and demanded award for Shehzad. But Nobel Prize jury is yet to react on this development.

“I will take every inch of Nobel from others and give it to Shehzad. I am not going to sit idle until Shehzad gets his much deserve recognition,” Bilawal Bhutto said angrily.

Further he said, I liked the daring of Shehzad the way he had requested Dilshan to embrace Islam on the Cricket field. While others were busy in playing the match but he dared and followed his inner voice and approached Dilshan. I think he is the most daring person on this earth, but of course after Rahul Gandhi, because he dared to contest election on Congress ticket.

However, Dilshan has refused to comment on the recent development and tried to play safe.

“I think Allah is not with us. Indian Army is aggressively firing at LOC and our soldiers are getting killed. And today we have received heart-breaking news of Nobel Peace Prize,” a Pakistani expressed his unhappiness.