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Pakistan declares its Sun mission successful. Claims to have found water on Sun.

04, Oct 2014 By DarrKeAage

Sun. According to the Pakistani news channels, Pakistan has successfully sent its space shuttle “sun-ki” to the sun. The astronauts travelling on the shuttle have sent the report that they have found water on sun. There are also some signs of life there.

Pakistani sun-ki shuttle before launch !!
Pakistani sun-ki shuttle before launch !!

The astronauts travelling on the spaceship forgot to take cameras with them. So they have not been able to take any photos till now. They are trying to take photos with their Nokia-1100. Some visuals might be received any time now. According to the scientists of the PISS-Ro, the Pakistani Space Research Organization, the plan was to land on Sun during night so as to avoid excessive heat.

Due to some miscalculations they reached on the sun during afternoon. But the visionary scientists already had a back-up plan for such scenario. They were travelling with thousands of fire-extinguishers, which they used to reduce the temperature.

It is to be noted that Pakistan has claimed to reach the Sun in past also. They had claimed to find water and sharks on Sun, only to later realize that their rocket had crashed into the Indian ocean. Meanwhile the experts from all over the world are suspecting that this time Pakistani rocket might have crashed in some volcano.