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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to file defamation suit against Dhoni for stating that he felt like a murderer and terrorist after 2007 World Cup

20, Sep 2016 By The Dalai Dose

Islamabad. Indian Captain Dhoni has got into fresh trouble after his recent remark that media made him feel like a murderer and terrorist after India’s early exit at the 2007 cricket world cup.The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to file a defamation suit against Dhoni to use words like “Murderer” and “Terrorist” for himself. As Per PCB, they hold exclusive rights over the titles of “Murderer” and “Terrorist” which they got after a patent filed with the ICC.

Shahryar Khan showing their copy-right and patented document for the words Murderer and Terrorist
Shahryar Khan showing their copy-right and patented document for the words Murderer and Terrorist

An angry PCB chairman Shahryar Khan said, “In the purview of cricket, Pakistan has copyright over the adjectives used by Dhoni. We have earned it and thus deserve it. After exiting the 2007 World Cup, how can Dhoni feel like a Murderer?? Bob Woolmer was our coach and we deserve every credit for his controversial murder during the 2007 World Cup. As far as terrorist is concerned, you can still find traces of gun powder and stitch marks in the bodies of Sri Lankan cricketers who had come to our country for playing cricket. We will sue Dhoni for using our copyrighted conferred titles”.

Ex-cricketer Inzamam-Ul-Haq also supported the PCB’s case by stating,”Bismilla-e-Rehman-e-Rahim, the boys murdered well. The boys shot well at Sri Lanka. We are on top of our game. We are the murderers and terrorists. Dhoni is nott”.

There are reports that PCB is also naming Sushant Singh Rajput in their defamation suit. When asked about the logic, the PCB chairman replied, “When Anushka Sharma can be held accountable for Virat’s deeds, even Sushant Singh Rajput is equally responsible for Dhoni’s remarks.” This will add to the woes of Sushant who is still recovering from his rib fracture suffered due to practicing Dhoni’s helicopter shot.

As an immediate reaction, Chairman of Central Board of Film Certification in India, Pahlaj Nihalani has asked to withhold the release of the Dhoni Biopic movie to check if Sushant’s dialogues in the movie has such copyright infringement sentences in the movie.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj’s lifelong tormentor cum father Yograj Singh angrily issued a statement, “What is the Police waiting for? Dhoni has admitted being a terrorist and a murderer. Arrest him. Yuvraj is available for being the captain.”