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Pakistan and China to rename joint think-tank as 'RANDI-RONA' after Bangladesh Interferes

21, Apr 2015 By baniyachora

As soon as Pakistan and their brother from another mother China launched a Joint think-tank named ‘RANDI’, there was a sense of disappointment on the Bangladeshi Counterpart. A strong objection was raised by Mr Suhrab Hossain, Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to Pakistan.

‘Our boundaries may be different, our values and culture may be different but in order to counter India we stand on the same page, along with Pakistan and China.’ claimed Mr. Suhrab.

According to the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Pakistan, a Bangladeshi Delegation met the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in this regard. And after due consultation with the Chinese counter-part, It was decided to rename the think-tank as ‘RANDI-RONA’ here ‘RANDI’ refers to Pakistan and China, whereas ‘RONA’ refers to Bangladesh, said the MEA spokesperson.

We were very disappointed with India after the soar incident during the quarter final of the world cup. We will counter India by hook or by crook, We thank the Pakistani and Chinese Government’s for accepting our proposal of a new think-tank ‘RANDI-RONA’ said a relieved High Commissioner.

When asked by our reporter Pappu about this deal to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Haseena, she said “That was a no-ball” and signed off.