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Pakistan accuses India of aping

07, May 2014 By khakshar

Pakistan media is livid with Indian politicians planning to ape Pakistani politicians. While the people of Pakistan are celebrating as it seems that times are changing.

Pakistani people realize that it will be one of the rarer times that India will be aping Pakistan. Mian Parvez Musharaf (called with prefix Mian to show respect to him) has released a statement through his lawyers and called Indian Politicians “Copy Cats”. Nawaz Sharif has called for International intervention to stop Indian Politicians.

The crust of the matter lies in purchase of homes abroad by Indian Politicians. While many of them have booked Villas in The Trump Estate, Trump International Golf Club and Palm Islands in Dubai.

Many Indian politicians finalized the deal on pretext of ¬†watching IPL matches in UAE. Many Indian politicians who have been using the same diet as Mr. N.D.Tiwari, Mr. Digvijay Singh , Dr.Abhisek Singhvi and Mr.Samsher Singh Surjewala have opted for the entertainment district “Patpong” in Bangkok.

It is now sure that with the allegations and counter allegation reaching to highly personal levels , many of the opposition leaders will be exiled , set on sail on sea or be self exiled. The Pakistani politicians have been doing this for the last fifty years and hence the resentment of their counterparts in India.