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Oxford inculcates Indian phrase 'Tanch Maal' in dictionary

29, Jul 2013 By bolshoybooze

In a recent development, The Oxford English Dictionary, published by the Oxford University Press has added the phrase ‘Tanch Maal’ in its 2014 edition. This phrase along with 5 others will be seen in the next years edition. Publishers say India has been constantly giving new words and phrases to the esteemed dictionary since its inception. Following the leader soon Merriam-Webster and Collins dictionary will add ‘Tanch Maal’ to their next editions.

A word in Oxford dictionary is added based on its popularity and after much research by team of literary experts. Oxford sources said that many people in Europe and America are using ‘Tanch Maal’ to express beauty in short and simple words. For example: “I love you sweetheart, you are a Tanch Maal”. Eminent writers like JK Rowling is considering changing some paragraphs from the Harry Porter series to ‘Tanch Maal’ which describes Hermoine Granger’s beauty. 50 Shades of Grey novelist EL James will also soon follow suit.

It may be noted that it is considered to be a very prestigious affair for a country to get its words and phase included in the Oxford dictionary. India’s Education Minister Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav gave credit to Mr Digvijay Singh for this honor, quoting “We are happy achievement India, Digvijay Zindabad”. Mr Digvijay Singh will also be going to Oxford University to personally collect the latest copy of the Oxford dictionary along with Bhojpuri-Hindi-English translator series.

As per reports some Scientist are also working on rating beauty and are in process of rolling out ‘Tanch Maal’ scales. Ranging from 0 to 100 these scales will be used to rate beauty of females. Miss Universe contest organizers are already sponsoring the same and are hopeful that this method will bring transparency to the competition.