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Osama's spirit behind cyclone Sandy?

02, Nov 2012 By idiot420

News is coming from US that Pentagon got a very bizarre e-mail from an unknown source which claims responsibility for cyclone Sandy. The name of sender as per e-mail is Osama-Bin-Laden-Jannat-wala but till now cyber experts are unable to trace mail’s source.

After the news is leaked, Al-Qaeda has released a statement via Arabic news network Al-ja-zeera. It says that yes it’s true that our late supremo Osama is behind this devastation in US coastal regions . Earlier US Navy Seals had thrown his dead body in sea near Pakistan . But our supreme commander is a real fighter, he fighted even after death and made sea his slave. Later using his power he attacked USA and the cyclone ‘Nilam’ in India is also a part of the same campaign . Now his holy spirit is all set to crack a deal with tectonic plates in exchange for some whales from the vast water bodies . Once Tectonic deal is done he can create massive earthquakes resulting in Tsunami near US coasts.

In reply to Al-Qaeda views over the matter, Pentagon said it’s all fictitious concept and we will prove them wrong by throwing current Al-qaeda boss Ayman-Al-Zawahiri in the sea after killing him. And the we will wait for retaliation of duo, we are challenging them .

Pakistan too joined the hot war of words by apologizing to Osama’s holy spirit first by telling they didn’t allowed US troops intentionally in Abbottabad . Then they further said that no matter what they have to do, this time they won’t allow any Al-Qaeda leader killing and disposing body from Pakistan’s sea shore.

With serious discussions going around international corridors, all eyes are set on Seas across the globe.