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Osama's ghost behind LoC ceasefire violations? FN reports

30, Oct 2013 By joshi

A few instances of firing at the LoC are somewhat acceptable. But in the last one month, from mortars to rockets, Indian and Pakistani forces have gone berserk and the firing does not seem to stop. Here’s the reason why!

Our investigation led us to the dark and dingy borders located in the hills of Kashmir. We travelled through the night with our gear and food and drinks. Upon reaching the borders, and after talking to the localities, we finally understood why the firing can’t stop.

Osama Bin Laden
Could he be??

“A dark shadowy figure lurks around at the borders. He looks from left to right and then walks with a limp. When we shoot at it, we hit nothing. The bullets go through him and he continues limping. It is creepy enough with the howling of the dogs (we saw no dogs though). Now this figure is scaring us to death. The worst part is, he keeps caressing his beard.”

This is what Lance Naik Chandrashekhar Sisodia recalls. Sisodia was admitted into the Army Mental hospital along with seven other soldiers who kept talking about the ‘ghost of Osama Bin Laden’.

“The soldiers are tired. The conditions up there are tough and can sometimes get you hard. There is no ghost, all that is rubbish,” said Major Satwinder Singh Bali dismissing any claims of supernatural activities at the border.

But even he cannot explain the marks on the walls of his house and the ones at the border. The different marks dig into the walls read- CIA, Obama, Dialysis, Kill Beiber and Arsenal For Life.

Well, what we realized is that if the Indian forces can see this ‘figure’, then it is quite possible that the Pakistani forces too can see it. And hence, the firing. The bullets don’t make contact witht his figure so the forces use mortar and rockets. But even these go through and reach the other side of the border.

A supernatural phenomenon has given birth to uncontrolled cease fire violations in the valley. Meanwhile, the ghost of Osama continues to take the air at the border.