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Orlando Bloom inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for punching Justin Bieber

01, Aug 2014 By Varun Srivastava

The famed Ohio based Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Jury has casted its ballot and in an out of turn event, Orlando Bloom has been inducted into the legendary list of achievers with lifetime contribution to Rock Music.

With no prior experience whatsoever in Rock or even Bathroom Singing for that matter, Orlando Bloom becomes first ever non-musician to achieve this rare honour. Earlier winners of the exclusive title includes the greatest rock musicians of all time like The Who, Judas Priest, Beatles among others.

Before being punched.
Before being punched.

As per Leslie Lewis, the distant cousin of a Jury Member and earlier band member of legendary Indian Rock duo – HariHaran and Leslie fame, “Orlando Bloom has done greatest service to Rock Music by destroying or attempting to destroy the molar and vocal cavities of distraught crooner, Bieber, who has more than 1 million dislikes and trillions of cuss words peppered over videos of his girly songs. We totally support Bloom’s rage and had Bieber been in India, I would have personally hurled my Bata sandals on him the moment I would have seen that little b#$$%.”

Justin Bieber among other teenage pop idols is considered responsible for introducing teenage pop culture in turn destroying Rock Music and paining the asses for couchsurfers with every music channel looping Bieber’s rhythms without brakes.

Hall of Fame Jury has inducted Bloom in the “Sidemen” category due to his peripheral background to music. Nonetheless, award has been received in equal love as much as despair by the two camps of music.

One side being Pro Rock Pro Bloom who now consider him as their Che Guavera and lined up in hordes eventually bringing the websites down with their frenzy to buy Bloom’s Merchandise on sale now in e stores like Amazon and Zivame.

On the other hand, the teenage kids who consider Bieber as their Led Zeppelin and ranks him the the greatest music icon of all time surpassing likes of Pop Sensation as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

It is yet to be confirmed if Bloom shall perform a live Kicking and Punching simulation during the reception of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony.

Bloom and Bieber both remained unavailable for comments due to indictment of Bloom by Spanish Authorities on Charges 112, 702 and 441 of the local partying and feminist protection laws as pressed by Bieber’s lawyers.