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The onion and to freeze contested joke after inconclusive legal battle.

18, Mar 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Chicago/Mumbai: The onion and have today mutually decided to freeze the controversial joke after inconclusive legal battle in various courts. The American and Indian satirical media organisations have been suing each other over a joke which both organisations vehemently claimed for. After five years of legal battle with each other, both organisations have decided to freeze the joke and not use same joke in future.

Brief timeline of legal fight : December 2012: The onion sues in USA federal circuit court for a joke published on 12th of November 2012 on site. Onion accuses of violating USA intellectual property law. The onion wins the case in final hearing of march 2013 in USA court.

May 2013: The counter-sues the onion in Indian court. The cites fair use argument.

May 2015: wins the case in Indian court.

July 2015: both organisations mutually decide to go third party court.

August 2015: both organisations request French court to hear the case.

September 2015: French court refuses to hear the case . French court says that both organisations violate French labour laws.

November 2015: both organisations request Norwegian court to hear the case.

December 2015: Norwegian court refuses to hear the case; says it has already many other important international human rights violations cases.

March 2016: British court remains inconclusive as bench of eight judges equally split on the interpretation of intellectual property law(4-4). British court suggests to take opinion of British parliament. The onion and decide not to involve any new party to already stretched battle.

March 2017: both satirical organisations decide to permanently freeze the highly embattled joke.

Meanwhile an employee of the onion and an employee of have been happily married to each other since last two years with one year old kid. They reportedly met during this legal crusade and tied knot. The expensive Legal saga proved a boon at least to this couple.