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Obama’s advice to Modi – don’t ever try to ‘depreciate’ the statue of liberty

17, Sep 2013 By trishanku

It finally seems that the series of letters written by Indian members of Parliament to Obama against Narendra Modi are beginning to have an effect. President Obama has sent a strong message to Modi through US ambassador in New Delhi advising him to limit the height of the statue of Sardar Patel that he intends to build to at least one meter less than the height of the famed statue of liberty in US, or else…

Speaking exclusively to FN, the ambassador mentioned that the President is pissed off by Modi’s repeated assertion that the proposed statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat would be double the height of the statue of liberty. This he said is unacceptable to US, especially coming from a person who has a sordid record of human rights violation. It may even result in Modi being permanently barred from getting US visa. “Considering the difficulties that such a decision could cause to both the countries, especially if CM Modi were to be elected the PM of India next year, I have requested him to respect the wishes of President Obama,” the ambassador added.

When asked how could US interfere in such internal affairs of a sovereign nation, the ambassador cited the much quoted recent remark of the President regarding the pre-eminent and exceptional role of US to ensure that no nation does anything which could threaten America, American people, values and its symbols.