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Obama to join BSP

26, May 2014 By thampadayikshakti

In a political shocker of sorts, Barack Obama-The President of the most powerful country is already in talks with the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo-Mayawati.

If sources are to be believed, his induction is a mere formality. One such source, who did not want to be named out of fear of Mayawati said, “Obamaji’s image is that of a secular person, plus he speaks English very well. English is a very popular language across UP. You will find more English coaching classes than toilets. This would help BSP to consolidate the votebank of English speaking voters plus its secular votebank of Dalit, Brahmin and Muslim seculars. You see this elections our vote share increased but did not materialise into seats.”

We tried calling Mr.Obama to confirm, but he did not respond. However, a source close to Obama suggested that “Obama indeed had a become a fan of ‘Benji’s’ brand of politics since he last visited her in the lucknow rally. He was pleasantly surprised that someone could get a unanimous vote to becoming party president and also could become party’s chief minister nominee even after completing two terms.”

The SP was quick to react. The party spokesperson said, “We condemn this move of the BSP as highly communal after what Obama did to ‘Osamaji’.