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Obama to fast with Modi, calls off gala dinner

23, Sep 2014 By superchuza

Obama deciding what to have with sabudana khichdi.

Washington: Ahead of  Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to USA, President Obama has cancelled the gala dinner which was to be organised in honour of the Indian Prime Minister. President Barack Obama, to set-up an example of brotherhood in the World, announced that he too will be observing the fast till the time Mr. Modi is in USA. Following the famous Indian saying “Atithi Devo Bhavah” which literally means, Guest is like God, Obama said in Swag, “Yo Nigga, guest is like God, and when my God ain’t eatin’ How can I Biaa*ch”

The Indian delegates are shocked to get this news as they were preparing themselves  to starve for two days and then finally eat and drink at the gala event. On the other hand a high profile American on condition of keeping his name confidential said, “It is good to respect your guest, but not up-to this extent that your guest gets to know that you are desperate, I never did such kind of thing when I was the President.”

Meanwhile in India there is an uproar over this decision of the USA President. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has declared President Obama as a Hindu extremist, saying he is afraid of Modi’s communal atrocities. Congress Vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi has decided not to watch Chota Bheem for 3 days condemning this act, and Arvind Kejiriwal will be going for a Dharna during the whole Navratri at Jantar Mantar because he thinks that this is a hard blow on the stomach of the Indian Delegates.

By: Shivam Srivastava Twitter profile, Facebook profile