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Obama shows himself with a Modi beard

18, Jul 2014 By ketanj

Washington D.C. It is learned that Obama has requested his personal barber, Zariff, to give him looks of Modi. The reasons are being speculated, but White House has so far remained silent.

This “news” got further support when during a visit to the now famous Hyde Park Barber shop in Chicago, a tourist overheard a telephone call between the local barber and the First Barber as Mr.Zariff is now unofficially called and who lives in Washington D.C. The tourist , an Indian National working as a journalist, stretched his ear as he heard following dialogues by the shop owner:

“…You want to know who  Modi is, Mr. Zariff? Well, to tell the truth, I don’t know.. but why must Mr.President want to have a beard like Modi has? He looks such a smart young guy with soft cheeks, you know.

…Hmmm.. I must google him to see how Modi’s beard looks like.. but I am wondering how First Lady would feel when she wants to kiss her husband’s cheeks (chuckle)..

…okie dokie.. here you go.. i have sent Modi’s photo through, he looks like a real man! I am sure with this beard, our President will be called Mister President… (chuckle)…good luck mate.. bye..”

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to all journalists seeing that Mr. President looked different when he spoke about the new BRICS initiative to counter World Bank and IMF and answered questions about the invitation to Modi to visit the US in September this year. Although he rejected to answer any direct questions regarding his new looks, he did mention that he has ordered a Modi style jacket.

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