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Nothing looks odd on distant display

27, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Nothing looks odd when we sit before the television. If we happen to view indigenous TV serials many supernatural things are depicted. The viewers enjoy every moment and also think of their stupidity for wasting time. A scene in a TV serial surprised the viewers immensely. It was depicted how the young hero was constantly trying to cross over the mysterious impenetrable wall for meeting his disturbed wife who was even clearly seen standing on another side and even enquiring the policemen of the lost village and her lost husband.

Although the unnoticed distressed husband was able enough to see his wife’s desperation yet he was not capable of reaching her in spite of his so many endeavours. Just in the same way, news-item details how Denise Underhill checking out her mother’s old home on Google Earth learnt the biggest surprise of her life. Her mother was dead in 2015 and even the property was disposed of. As she searched her mother’s home, she quickly recognised it by the tall silver birch standing on the building, reported the Tamworth Herald.

The moment she turned the satellite picture directly towards the building’s frontage, she got the biggest surprise ever.  She saw her mother Beryl Turton watering the plants in the garden at her former home in Chaytor Road in Polesworth. She was viewing a computer in her new home at Florida, the USA after moving from Tamworth, Staffordshire in the United Kingdom.

What was worth understanding is that the indigenous TV serials get in touch with those ideas which seemed to be later searched by the foreign minds. We are much ahead in comparison to them. Our supernatural techniques need to be perceived by the overseas creators. They can never track us in this skill. Our supernatural forces are mightier than the foreign imps and goblins.