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Next on Kreet Sharara’s hit list - the IT institute in Delhi that trained Snowden

24, Dec 2013 By trishanku

FN has learnt from its usually reliable moles in US administration that the famous attorney Kreet Sharara, who specializes in bringing to “justice” and humiliating high profile Indians, is now zeroing on the institute in New Delhi which, it is alleged, imparted training in IT to Edward Snowden, whose leaks on snooping activities of US agencies have embarrassed US government internationally.

Kreet Sharara
Kreet Sharara

This he sees as the safest way to take revenge for the likely loss of face in the famous case of the India Diplomat whom he got strip searched before putting her in jail, but who, now it seems, may eventually manage to get out of US ‘scot free’.

The institute has clarified that the message regarding Edward Snowden being trained there in “Ethical Hacking” had been posted by somebody inimical to their success by hacking their website. The same has now been removed. The CEO (who is now in hiding) expressed regret for any confusion that may have arisen from that message and requested FN correspondent to use his contacts to convey the same to US government.

Mr Sharara is not amused by this rebuttal and is pursuing with the US embassy the opinions available – in accordance with US laws — to get the CEO ‘evicted’ from Delhi and stand trial in US for abetting in the illegal disclosure of highly confidential documents by training Snowden in hacking of computers.

Government of India is, as usual, waiting and watching for the drama to unfold, quite sure that this time no one is going to protest against the arrest or the statutory strip search of an unknown IT trainer running an unknown institute in a remote part of Delhi.