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New species of Bee found, The Indian-American Spelling Bee

06, Aug 2015 By electroman

Scientists have discovered a new species of Bee today. It is the Indian-American Spelling Bee. This species is not native to America. Just like the African Killer Bees, these Indian-American Spelling Bees entered the US through merchant ships fruit shipments etc. These bees are a native of India. They are not a wild variety. They are domesticated. These are reared only for the purpose of winning spelling bee competitions all over America and make the lives of American Kids miserable. They will make the American kids look like retarded monkeys.

Bee enthusiastic to eat the next spelling
Bee enthusiastic to eat the next spelling

So in a way these bees are more dangerous than African Killer bees. Their sole purpose in life is to seek and win spelling bee competitions all over America. Scientists have claimed that this has affected the local population so much that the local children have dropped out of school after losing out to these I-A spelling bees. They have classified the hierarchy of these bees.

Queen Bee: This bee will gossip around the nearby hives and find the best training methods for the spelling bee.

Drone Bee(Father): This bee is in charge of procuring study materials and pay for the travel expenses of the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee: This bee is the life force of the hive. Unless the bee wins at least one spelling bee competition, the hive wont be considered a hive at all. It would just be an ordinary Indian bee. So the sole purpose of this bee is winning competition by any super human means, like reading for 3 days without sleep. reading while pooping and showering. listening to encyclopedia while sleeping etc. After it achieves its goal, it will wither off and die or find a job in an IT company. Later it will find and marry a Gold covered bee from India and make more spelling bees.

When our reporter tried to chat up with this spelling bee he was amazed. Here is a transcript of the conversation.

Reporter: Good Evening!

Bee: Evening! E-V-E-N-I-N-G, The period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 6 p.m. to bedtime

Reporter: Holy Fu*k

Bee: Holy Fu*k? Could you put that in a sentence?

Reporter: Holy Fu*k, you have no life at all!

Bee: Holy Fuck, H-O-L-Y F-U-*-K, The means of attaining heavenly pleasure at the end of sex, Holy Fu*k.