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Netherlands to follow India's footsteps to increase number of rape cases

09, Jul 2014 By indeedinsane

Frustrated by less number of rape cases registered as compared to India, Netherlands’ government in Den Hague took an important decision today to increase the number of rape related crimes across the country.

Earlier the punishment used to be 4 to 15 years of imprisonment, but Dutch Government introduced a new bill in the parliament which is said to be motivated by Anti-rape bill in India. In fact the government is trying really hard to get this bill passed. According to the new bill, convict won’t be punished if rape case is registered against him/her if he/she pays €10 to the government or the politie.

Government officials were depressed by the fact the Dutch girls normally wear bikinis and ‘rape provoking dresses’ but still failed to improve the stats regarding rape crimes. “We have blond girls, bikini models and most of the girls do wear rape provoking dresses according to the bar set by Indian government, but what we failed to understand was why Netherlands is still behind India when it comes to number of rape cases registered (of course per capita!)?”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte while congratulating Dutch football team for their victory over Costa Rica in World cup quarterfinals addressed a press conference in which he said, “We are a developed country then how come we are still behind India, a developing country when it comes to rape cases. To overcome rape crisis across the country, approach of Indian Government seems fascinating.”

Experts in the capital city of Amsterdam believe that this decision will turn out to be decision of the decade and certainly crucial for underperforming government led by Mark Rutte. They further added, “while we are good in almost everything, there are still some sectors where we can improve. Especially this is the sector which we should focus on after the world cup.” However few experts still believe that this bill will fail to improve rape related crimes in the Holland considering the fact that Dutch society is more prudish than the Indian counterpart. Rumors has it that the government is further planning to impose a ban on sex education to improve the stats.