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Nawaz Sharif suffers minor heart attack after watching India's Republic Day Parade; Pakistani media calls it Indian conspiracy

27, Jan 2014 By Nitin

Lahore : Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was reported to have suffered a minor heart attack today, while watching India’s Republic Day Parade live. According to eyewitnesses, Sharif started to complain of chest pain immediately as the Military exhibition of Indian Army started.

Those close to Sharif, tell us, that almost immediately the Chief of Pakistan Army was reprimanded to console the ailing prime minister. The Chief is speculated to have sweet talked the PM on Pakistan’s strong network of terrorists in India, the fact that Obama is their buddy and most of all that no Indian batsman has yet been able to break Inzimam’s record of most number of run outs.

It is also speculated that the Chief of Army was specifically asked to carry a paper and pen, to make a list of all the missiles that India displayed, and procure them from North Korea. Sharif, reportedly, has allocated his entire food subsidy funding (coming from the US) to this cause.

The Pakistan Media in its statement, given right after Sharif was admitted, has condemned India’s blatant show off and has termed the entire Indian Republic Day as a conspiracy to dwindle Pakistani morale. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned the telecast of the Indian Republic Day Parade, following which Doordarshan has been doing good business smuggling recorded versions. This may compel Doordarshan, for the first time in its history, to make profit.

The UPA spokesperson, on being asked for a response on the development, said – ‘It’s all because of Rahul ji.’ After ten seconds, he’s reported to have asked his secretary – ‘What was the question exactly?’