Friday, 27th April, 2018

Nawaz Sharif blames India

30, Sep 2014 By Sachinist

After blaming India for the end of talks between India and Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif  also blamed India for the corrupted morals of Pakistani cricket team players who were involved in Spot Fixing scandals.

Interestingly he was speaking at the United Nations forum when he raised this issue of malpractices by Pakistani players.

He was of the opinion that because Indian IPL Franchises who pay lucrative amounts to players are not considering Paki players,they are being forced by India to accept bribes.

He didn’t stop at that point, going further he blamed India for the latest uproar in Pakistan led by Imran Khan who is hugely inspired by Arvind Kejriwal and said if didn’t give birth to Kejriwal, Imran khan led movement would never had occurred.