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NASA's Curiosity Rover finds presence of 'Soda' on Mars

17, Apr 2015 By freehit

For the first time in the history of space explorations, an unexpected liquid substance, Soda, has been found on the surface of a planet. The National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA)’s Curiosity Rover tumbled upon ‘Frozen Soda’ along the surface of the planet Mars.

Signs of not just life but Party Life!
Signs of not just life but Party Life!

A detail report published by NASA mentions that the Rover was searching for signs of water on the red planet and accidentally hit a rock after which, a bubbly fizz started oozing from the bottom of the rock. Upon careful robotic ‘sipping’ and analysis, Rover confirmed it to be ‘Soda’.

The scientist leading the research team at NASA said that finding water earlier and now soda, hints that we are just a step away from finding alcohol on the planet. He further added that this not only confirms the presence of life but a presence of Party Life on Mars. The biologists working with the team say that the Martian life may have adapted to use ‘Soda’ instead of water to sustain in such harsh conditions whereas behavioral experts claim now we know why ‘Men are from Mars!’

Along with the scientists, beverage enthusiasts from all over the world are applauding this ground-breaking discovery. Indian liquor baron Sujay Talliya has quoted that its a huge ‘sip’ for mankind. Scotchu Quarteria, the participant from India who was selected for the mission Mars One in 2024, told Faking News that now he will not forget to carry ‘Chakna‘ when visiting the red planet!