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NaMo confuses Japanese child with robot, asks PM Abe Shinzo "Kitna deti hai?"

02, Sep 2014 By DarrKeAage

modi trying to start child
Modi trying to start child

Kyoto. Indian PM Narendra Modi is said to be a big fan of the advanced technologies that Japan possesses. In a funny event, while discussing the important political matters with the Japanese PM Abe Shinzo, NaMo suddenly asked him “Kitna deti hai?”

Confusion started when the two PMs were discussing the development of smart cities in India. The Indian PM suddenly saw a child playing near-by. Due to the high reputation of Japan in the electronic goods industry, the Indian PM thought it to be a robot. He thought it was a surprise for him by the Japanese government and got very excited.

The Indian PM got up from his chair and even tried to “Start” it by pulling the ear and change its direction by lifting the right and left hands of the child alternately. It can be seen in the image how NaMo tries to play with the robot/child.

In a total state of confusion, the Japanese PM was taken aback by the unexpected question thrown at him by NaMo. He immediately replied $ 33.8 billion without knowing the context. The Indian delegation also got totally confused amid all this. They thought it to be the amount being offered by the Japanese government to be invested in India for developing the smart cities.

Our corresponding, patrakar PopatLal, who is travelling with the Indian delegation is still trying to get the clearer picture about the whole incident.