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Music adds to male's charm as well

24, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A man and a woman cannot be like-minded in this world without pulling each other’s leg.  This is undeniably one type of the astonishing observation by a few erudite persons. While the recent research study from the University of Austria has brought a very novel perception in regard to the woman’s magnetism towards the man. Listening to the music can cause beautiful women to perceive the man’s face as more attractive. However, it is usually supposed that the woman’s natural impulse pulls her near the male even if the resonant music is not present around.

Although it has repeatedly been pointed to the power of music luring man and woman yet the opposite sex gets enamoured by the man’s presence at once.  A woman naturally feels everlasting joy with the man’s very company. The music draws the both of them by its inherent worth all the time. Nevertheless, the latest line of research brings on fairly new-fangled insight into man-woman attractiveness. Whatever it is some of us could observe somewhat advertising guess in it. It cannot be all the more denied that the studies are being initiated for advertising purpose too.

What the Vienna University’s Helmut Leder said was that the facial attractiveness was one of the most vital physical traits which can sway the partner’s choice? It is plausible to take for granted that the music could confidently influence the visual reading of the faces. In the study the capable researchers presented the heterosexual partakers with the instrumental musical pieces varying in their expressive substance, followed by the photos of people from the fair sex with a neutral facial look. The face was calculated in terms of its pleasant appearance on a scale and the participants were asked to rate whether they would date the person showed.