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Multi-coloured DPs an elaborate prank on LGBT community, heterosexuals reveal

28, Jun 2015 By Sushrut Abhyankar

Several Indians of the heterosexual persuasion have confirmed that the multi-coloured profile pictures they have been uploading are merely a joke they are playing on the Indian LGBT community.

This clarification came after some confused it with some sort of support for the community.

They don't really mean it
They don’t really mean it

One man on twitter confessed, “It’s like a ‘Haha, in your face’ movement than anything else. We apologise profusely, if our joke came across as support to the LGBT community and gay rights movement.”

An unconfirmed report stated that, the fad of uploading multi-coloured dps began when some users loosely read articles about the ‘Supreme Court’ and ‘legalization’ and ‘same sex’ and one more thing that they can’t really remember, not realizing that the law had been changed in the U.S and had nothing to do with India.

Neeti, 25, an unemployed social media analyst was quoted saying,” At first, I was like “Awesome, you get to add rainbow effects on your  profile picture”. Then I came to know that the law had been changed in the U.S and not in India.  Then, I just thought it would be totally epic to troll my homosexual friends in India by putting up this picture. You know, just a reminder to them how they literally can’t even have sex in this country”.

Some have also gone on to say that they uploaded multi-coloured profile pictures simply because they looked fancy and cool. The Show Pride movement is being confused by many people as a challenge to take special efforts in beautifying their profile pictures with rainbow-coloured templates.

The frenzy began as #ShowPride, where people began priding themselves over the fact that they know absolutely nothing about the gay rights movement in India (neither does the journalist attached to this article).  Now, people are predicting that this movement will help the LGBT movement in the same way that the netizens helped the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan by cleaning up their browser history.

What actual changes this movement makes remains to be seen. Till then, the LGBT community must face the ‘banter’ that they will see on social media for the next few days. After which it will go back to being the celebration of heterosexual love like it usually is.