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Mother Nature sets Earth on Vibrate Mode

18, May 2015 By rsingh1792

Nature has finally set Earth on Vibrate Mode after humanity failed to answer her missed calls. Talking to Faking News Mother Nature said she has been giving multiple missed calls but since the Earth was on silent mode humanity didn’t bother to check it or call back.

Seems like we all have been much busy partying than paying heed to the ongoing incessant onslaught on Mother Nature. And like every other Mother, she has been patient enough. Remember the time when you were out late and your phone was on silent mode? What happened when you finally checked your phone and saw multiple missed calls from your mom? Frightening! Right?

Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough

Boy o Boy! You knew you are in trouble! The first word that must have come to your mind would have been “SHITTTT!!!”. And immediately, the very next moment, you’d have started thinking of some excuse to make.

Well, you might have been spared if it was your 1st or 2nd time. But just think of a scenario when this is happening on a daily basis. Imagine that you have been treating your mother like crap and she has been keeping her calm. For how much time do you think she’ll be able to put up with this? Not much. Right?

And this is exactly what has happened! Mother Nature has finally got fed up with us. We have finally made her lose her patience and now it’s time for us to face her wrath. Get ready to hide under the table (literally) when she comes for you!

I mean enough is enough. You can’t keep trashing your own backyard and yet expect your Mother to cook you up a nice meal and serve breakfast in bed! Instead you should be running scared thinking of the consequences you are going to face! You know Indian Mothers – they’ll first smack you and then ask you if it hurt.

We have left Nature with no other choice. She thinks that maybe this is the only way she can discipline us. And maybe next time we’ll be more particular about answering “Nature’s Call”.