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Modi threatens to unleash Gujaratis on Chinese soil in response to intrusion by Chinese troops

23, Sep 2014 By sectumsempra

In an unprecedented move Modi has threatened to unleash enterprising Gujaratis on Chinese soil to check the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh. Modi has coined this development with the new acronym GPKP (Gujarati peace keeping force) for CHU (Chini-Hindi unity). This ambitious plan aims to conduct large-scale migration of Gujarati businessmen to various Chinese cities to capture Chinese businesses.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi threatening China

The ultimate objective is to cause large-scale unemployment in China and continue manufacturing substandard goods. The goal is to dislodge Chinese and get illegal Indian immigrants willing to work at half of Chinese wages to manufacture goods which are substandard even by Chinese standards. This move has found vociferous support in Gujarati business community.

A pale of despair and gloom has descended over the Chinese cities. The communist government has gone into a huddle to discuss possible solution for this major crisis post-Tiananmen Square. High alert has been issued across the nation. Chinese citizens have lost all hope and in fear of the inevitable have applied for Rapidex Gujarati language course in preparation for any eventuality.

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, after successful listing on NYSE has decided to wind up his businesses in China and has decided to migrate elsewhere. The Chinese government has changed its policies and has agreed to unconditionally withdraw its troops from the LAC. The Chinese government has agreed for talks with the Indian counterparts to resolve border issues and has decided to accede Aksai Chin to India.

World over leaders have expressed restraint to prevent this issue from snowballing into major crisis post-Cold war. Dalai Lama too has condemned India’s action as extremely harsh and inhuman. Meanwhile British and US government has sent feelers to Indian government to discuss the possibility of exporting some Patels from US-UK to China. In the meantime, Chinese government is trying to appease Modi by promising to make Dhokla-Undhiyu as the National dish of China.