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Modi promises a sequel to 'Love In Nepal'

06, Aug 2014 By rcjustsaying

Love In Nepal Poster

During his recent visit to Nepal, the newly elected Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has given a new dimension to India-Nepal ties. Narendra Modi has signed an agreement with the Prime Minister of Nepal which states that India will set aside a budget for the sequel to Sonu Nigam starer blockbuster ‘Love In Nepal’.

He emphasized that such movies bring the two nations closer. He responded to Nepal PM’s concern if they will recast Sonu Nigam, that the lead will be either superstar Himesh Reshamia or the Grammy aspirant Yo Yo Honey Singh. He also assured that they will have an item number by Salman Khan . In response to other issues raised by Nepal , Modi also made a commitment to bring back Udit Narain as a judge in Indian Idol.