Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Modi plans to visit outer space, directs ISRO to make interplanetary space shuttle

15, Jul 2015 By yannarascala

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Thursday  directed India’s premier Space Agency ISRO to make a space shuttle that will be able to make interplanetary expeditions across universe  and solar system. PM also directed  ISRO that make it as early as possible as PM  now aims to bring  FDI from other parts of universe.

With now PM modi have visited almost every country on earth and having brought  trillions dollars of foreign investment , PM now aims to go interplanetary and intergalactical for more investments.

However, inside sources claim  that  Modi wants to explore world. See in the last one year he has visited 60-70 countries in the world.  The remaining countries will be visited with in next year. So this leaves Modi frowned. However, anticipating this situation, our visionary PM have directed Space shuttle as early as possible so that  he can  make fool out of this country bring investments into the country