Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Mitt Romney's Banking Account Closed By Bank of America

12, Nov 2012 By shubhamgenius

Mitt Romney a Candidate in US elections 2012.

He lost election and he spent the highest amount of money that is spend ever he spent about 1.4 billion $.

According to Local Agents in Bank out of that 1400 million $; 540 million bucks was a loan from BoA (Bank Of America).

BoA filed A case against him and the case is pending and He is told that he should return the money to the bank or he will be jailed.

He and his family and friends are now scare of taking loan from the bank any bank.

And According to some agents he is requesting Obama to give some money to him.

And His All banks Accounts are shut down and His all money was taken by BoA currently he has no money!