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Mexico to build a wall at US border on it's own cost

23, Jan 2017 By khakshar

A news has come which is just opposite to what the new President promised earlier. The US says that it does not need a wall at the Mexico border. The Mexican Government has now proposed a wall, which Mr. Trump had promised to build. There is a lot of tension at the border. Experts say that chance of a friendly surgical strikes can not be ruled out. It will be done by US forces to destroy the wall being built by Mexico.

Mexico built the Wall with a bit of America
Mexico built the wall with a bit of America

More than half of America was on streets on Sunday. They were protesting against the US Presidential elections. One of them roared, “With lesser votes, how can he be the Prez?”. Of course, it has happened only when right wingers have gained Presidency. The percentage of popular votes is remembered only when a Right Winger is in power.

Further North, the Canadian Immigration site has crashed. Every other American on street wanted to move to Canada. With the north route closed due to the crashed site, many shifted focus to the South. The Mexicans were surprised with this sudden reverse flow. The Government of Mexico is worried about the increase in refugees. It suspects lot of illegal migration from USA. It will be in addition to the deportation as promised by new US President. Mexican officials say, “It will be cheaper to build a wall rather than to take in so many people.”

Breaking: Mexican President had a phone call with Canadian Prime Minister on Sunday. The talk was about sharing of immigrants from USA. Mr. Trump had earlier accused Canada and Mexico of unfair trade practices. He had vowed to sent back all Mexicans back and build a wall at both borders.