Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Melania Trump to loose her citizenship: Donald Trump

24, Jan 2017 By ysoserious

With just two days in office and having taken steps to rescind Obamacare and TPP, Donald Trump is now all set to repeal Melania Trumps’s citizenship. In a covert investigation conducted by US agencies it has come to light that Melania Trump, who emigrated from Slovenia, has obtained working visas fraudulently as a model for some New York agency.

The investigation report makes startling revelations of how she entered USA through Mexican border using the routes that are famous with illegal immigrates. Donald Trump who has vowed to stop illegal immigration by building a wall across Mexico, is now all set to deport his wife to Slovenia. Mr Trump espoused, “Charity begins at home, and I am good at making charities”. In an apparent indication of the action that may follow soon.

When asked about her reaction on Mr Trump’s decision to denude her of citizenship and deport her, she said, “This septuagenarian has lost his mind. I feel like duped.” About the further course of action she said, “I will do a sit in protest outside Trump tower and consult my legal aid for their advice.” Many mothers across the world, who were planning to enroll their daughters in fashion agencies across New York, are yet to recover from the state of shock.