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Masters student with no relative in the US looked down upon

25, Mar 2014 By Agnel

In bizarre news – at the end of the traditional spring break for universities where students either visit relatives or go with friends on a tour – Bharath Kumar of the Univ. of New Jersey stayed home and did double shifts at his job on campus.


When enquired he told his friends that he had some projects to complete during the break which is why he stayed local.

Students who are his friends are now suspicious that Bharath did not leave his college town because he does not have any relatives in the US. Given that is the entry criteria to all social groups on campus Bharath had told them he had his cousin brother living in South Carolina. This gave him entry to all social meetups and parties.

Suspicion grew when his roommates noticed that he never received home food from his family or never spoke about his cousins exotic cars or his huge mansion, etc. Nor did his cousins ever come in flashy cars to meet him during his stay so far. The nail on Bharath’s social coffin was when he stayed back during the spring break. This just completely put fellow students off.

“I cannot believe he told us such a big lie. We have been hanging out with him for months assuming that someday his cousin will come and take us all out for dinner,” said his roommate Manoj. Another roommate Sushant said, “I had a suspicion that he did have any relatives here – he never spoke to them on the phone, he never received parcels from them, so many other instances pointed to this. I’m happy my suspicion was right and now on he’s not invited to our get togethers.”

When we spoke to Bharath about the same he confessed “Yes I do not have any close relatives around here – the imaginary cousin of mine is actually my third cousin and our families are not in talking terms because my granddad got the property that was actually supposed to have gone to his granddad. Moreover he would not even know that I’m here. I wish this would not happen to me. I think karma finally had its say – I am ready to return all the property to him if only he treats me like his brother. I will be left with no friends now. I know Sampath too has no relatives but he goes to his dads friends house for holidays saying he’s an uncle – unfortunately for me – I am paying for the sins my grand parents committed.” and he started crying.

The NJ chapter of “MS without Relatives” is looking into the matter and are trying to check if they could recruit him into Amway as a means of getting a friends.