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Manchester United reveal the real reason for releasing Ibrahimovic

10, Jun 2017 By Sunit Ashar

Manchester: There was a shock all around the city when the fans realized that star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic had been released by Manchester United for keeping the same hairstyle throughout his playing career.

Ishant Sharma of Football
Ishant Sharma of Football?

A member of the Manchester United support staff said “We have very high standards when it comes to hairstyles of players , and what Zlatan has been doing is absolutely unacceptable, We have had fashion icons like Ronaldo and Beckham in the past and a minimum of 3 hairstyle changes per season is compulsory for every player in the squad”.

Another source who works at the ground quoted “Even Wayne Rooney has changed his hairstyle, from having No hair he has gone on to grow curly hair on his head, and the least Zlatan could do was change his hairstyle at least once”.

Many fans from India have also been raging and complaining because Zlatan’s hairstyle was the same as the Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma.

Zlatan has responded to these claims ” I feel ashamed of what i have done, and Ishant Sharma is not someone i should be emulating, I am extremely apologetic for my actions”, he has also promised to shell out majority of his weekly wage on making his hair.