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Manchester United fans pray their lucky mascot to turn lucky

02, Jan 2017 By khakshar

Manchester United’s radio phone-in on the club’s TV Channel was hectic after United beat Middlesbrough on Sunday. The Manchester club seems to carrying it’s never-say-die attitude too seriously. The club is doing it repeatedly even against bottom placed teams. So much so is it’s never-say-die attitude, that the Club is coming from behind to draw matches. It’s fans too believe that the Club will finish in top four of the table.

The Tweet of Lucky Mascot to make  realize that he is lucky
The Tweet of Lucky Mascot to make  realize that he is lucky

Answering a series of calls from supporters after Sunday’s match, presenter Mandy Henry was exhausted. She said before one call, “Our next caller is in Jamaica, we’re heading over there to speak to Usain- it’s not Usain Bolt, is it?”

“I hope it’s Usain Bolt,” joked Bolt. Adding, “It is Usain Bolt, it is Usain Bolt.” Presenter Mandy Henry failed to believe Bolt when he told her that it was actually him on the call. Laughing off his claim, Henry said, “Well, what would you like to say Usain?” To which the legend responded, “They really came through, as if it was the old Manchester United. Wanting to end the conversation on a courteous note. Henry then asked, “Okay Usain, thanks very much, have you get any big plans for New Year’s in Jamaica?” “No, just home, and a few fireworks,” replied Bolt.

The lady hung up. She said on TV, “If that was Usian, I am Serena Williams. That is it from Jamaica today. Seems this Usian is too early into partying”.

Later, Bolt took to Twitter to inform. Now Mandy was for a face palm. She tweeted back asking Usian to call again after West Ham on Monday night. Mandy must know that even lucky mascots can’t change table positions.If even the much touted “the blessed one” can not change that.