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Man thinks about toppling patriarchy while chopping onions in kitchen

29, Sep 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Pune: Our reporter has reported that local area man, today, thought about toppling the obnoxious patriarchy, while chopping onions in his kitchen. The 28 year old man talked to our reporter, “I really want to overthrow this ancient and modern patriarchy. When can be the appropriate time to topple this intangible concept of patriarchy? I mean of course the patriarchy is tangible and palpable everywhere. So today I thought about toppling it.”

The boiling young and patriarch blood at work
The boiling young and patriarch blood at work

The man continued in his revolutionary voice, “In the morning, I was chopping onions in my kitchen. Suddenly I started thinking about possibility of me chopping onions in not so private place. Can I be able to chop onions in public? I don’t know, the established patriarchy might disable me. I uncovered all of the onions and I started to grasp the layers of onions and patriarchy more clearly.”

The self-proclaimed political and culinary ideologist man furthered, “I should start thinking about ills of patriarchy. It is deeply rooted in my private chopping of onions. My thoughts should definitely align with ultra-revolutionary feminists and I should know cores of postfeminism after I chop my onions.”

The young man claims that he will first topple the maharashtrian patriarchy and then work to overthrow Moscowian-patriarchy and Jaipuri-patriarchy.