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Man attempts suicide after learning he is a Belieber

27, Dec 2013 By siddhartha

In a shocking incident, Seeraj Needar, an IIT Delhi graduate attempted suicide after getting to know he is a Belieber, a pseudonym for Justin Bieber fans.

Baby Bieber

“We saw him checking Justin Bieber’s twitter account when we entered his room to copy the assignment. It says he was retiring,” continued his friend PS Balasubraminion, “Seeraj was sad from that time”.

“We went to eat a sandwich(if you know what I mean) in the night and on the way we heard some peculiar noises and thought it was a ghost. Later we learnt that it was our friend singing Bieber’s  ‘baby baby ohh baby’,” said his other friend  YY Singh. “We stopped him and asked  whats wrong. He felt ashamed and told that it was just instantaneous from sub conscious mind. We then said he was a belieber.”

Embarrassed Seeraj  ran to his room and locked the door. Later in the night his hostelmates woke up due to loud noises from Seeraj’s room.

“We heard Beiber’s songs played in a loop. We found Seeraj on the bed lying silently closed his eyes. We thought that he attempted suicide by listening to Justin Bieber’s songs. We had no other option but to switch off power to his room and wait till the laptop charging got over and call the ambulance,” said Subraminion.

Seeraj, who is recovering now in the National Institute for Health of Ears, is prescribed with 12 hours of Rahman’s music everyday.

Meanwhile, the joy of Christmas celebrations all over the world doubled following Bieber’s retirement tweet.

“This is the best Christmas gift,” said RIP Paul from US who caught his girl friend red handed listening to Beiber’s song. “Now I can get back to my GF”.

Obama expressed his happiness saying this is the best news after Osama’s death. Seeing this in TV, Osama told his wife with a wild laugh, “this guy still thinks am dead. Thanks for choosing my best body double.”

Beliebers all over the world are planning for demonstrations demanding to take back his decision.