Monday, 19th February, 2018

Liberals who slammed beef ban found looting beef masala inventory from Nepal relief trucks

04, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Kathmandu: In a shocking incident, the liberal brigade who slammed a recent beef ban were found looting beef masala inventory from the Nepal aid trucks.

A country good at miscalculations had sent over 15 trucks of relief material that included beef masala along with other miscellaneous vegetarian items. As the trucks was crossing the Uttarakhand border, the liberal fraternity wanting to make hay while the sun was shining, hijacked the consignment while threatening the military personnel with outrage signboards.

“Liberals looting beef masala bags at Uttarakhand – Nepal border.”

As per sources, the liberals plan to sell this masala in the black market. Police have issued a notification a public advisory in all the metropolitan cities to watch out for the sale of masala in black and keep a closer look on those getting frequently outraged with government policies.

Meanwhile, Shoebha Deh has once again come in support of the ones looting the trucks saying, “The constitution defines a right to freedom, if you have read the book properly. Right to masala is also a right to freedom. Also, #MyChoice principles exempt people from crime given it is their choice. Hence, it cannot be  deemed a crime.”

While such incidents give more power to liberals, they also have the capacity of giving birth to a never-seen-before black masala cartel.