Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Laughter is not always likeable

22, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: We are supposed to be laughing for removing our tension. Sometimes we also laugh in pain. It wholly depends on the situation. The American lady seemed to have laughed too hard and she left the world. If laughing is the best medicine for the long life why has she undergone such unexpected fate? When she adjusted herself to sit on a deck edge that doubled as a bench on her Mexican friend’s house balcony, she started laughing very hard thereby losing her balance while turning her head back. As a result, she fell off and suffered multiple injuries to her body and brain. Later the fifty-year-old school teacher was declared dead.

This gruesome tragedy was heartbreaking indeed. When a neighbour in his own country tried to know the reason behind echoing of laughter sound almost daily he tried to know the neighbour’s happiness. Actually, the neighbour in the vicinity told the man of her wife’s habit of throwing utensils at him from a stone’s throw. If she, fortunately, succeeds in her target she laughs too hard. Consequently, a prying neighbour apparently comes to know of this miraculous resonance. It even created envy among other quarrelsome couples.

What has been so far narrated was about the wife’s wild behaviour and action. She is not a little bit violent but totally tilted towards that temperament.This may be her practised method as none knew of her being a javelin thrower in her college days. Just as science says light and sound occur simultaneously so as she shouts and throws the utensils simultaneously. As regards the man’s laughter it is quite clear. The chance she misses in hitting him causes express amusement too hard to reach other’s ears. This everyday cycle keeps them happy and this was their secret of blissful enjoyable life.