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Latest AAP advertisement released: Shows German housewife thanking Kejriwal for defeating Nazis and destroying Hitler

24, Jun 2015 By psych0bar0n

Berlin: The latest AAP advertisement has taken the world by storm because it shows a German housewife thanking her saviour Kejriwal for saving them from Hitler by destroying the Nazis.

Mrs Stuffy Graf, a resident of Berlin since 1940 says “Entire Germany knows that his highness Baron Arvind Kejriwal was directly responsible for defeating the Nazis. He did Dharna and gave speeches in an extremely high-pitched supersonic frequency until the Nazis couldn’t take it any more and ran away”. She also claimed that he personally strangled Hitler with his muffler claiming “classified German files confirm the cause of Hitler’s death as suffocation due to the stink of an unwashed muffler”.

Sorry Kejriwal! : Hitler Crying.
Sorry Kejriwal! : Hitler Crying

AAP supporters claim that this is just the tip of the iceberg and in the coming future the world will see more such sensational truths hitting the news channels. AAP member Gapputosh said “We have secret video recordings to prove that our very own Samrat Kejriwal defeated the Kauravas and won the Maharbharat for the Pandavs”. Not to be outdone, his competitor Gappish Sisodaya told Faking News that it was none other than Maharathi Kejriwal who had pierced the fish’s eye during Daupadi’s swayamwar and that he had done it with both his eyes closed.

AAP leaders have told us that forthcoming ads will tell the world more such truths :

Ravan thanking Raja Kejriwal for waking Kumbhakaran from his sleep by destroying his eardrums with his high-pitched verbal arrows

Nuclear scientist thanking Dr Kejriwal because the Pokhran nuclear blast was actually nothing but Mr Kejriwal shouting into a loudspeaker

All India Housewives Union worshipping Kejriwal as it was Kejriwal who had invented electricity and thus helped innumerable housewives watch their TV soaps.

All humans, bacteria, trees showing gratitude as it is Kejriwal who is preventing the world from ending by balancing Arnab’s outraged cries with his high-pitched whining.

Finally, Kejriwal thanking Kejriwal – for inventing mangoes and humans and combined their qualities to form Mango Brained Humans, without which there would have been no Aam Admi Party.

AAP says it has solid video proof of Kejriwal inventing Yoga but cannot do anything since PM Modi has already patented Yoga  in his name.

Faking News has reliably learnt that the Congress is working on it’s own series of advertisements where toddlers are shown thanking Rahul Gandhi for inventing Gilli Danda, Chota Bhim, Tobu Cycles and Gemini Circus.