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Kim Jong-un found playing bobo the joker in Jupiter circus in Las Vegas

10, Oct 2014 By viveks

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

The mystery of the whereabouts of North Korean dictator Kim Jong has finally been sorted when Kim was spotted as playing bobo, the clown, in Jupiter circus in Las Vegas. Kim was not spotted in any public appearance for past 1 month and speculations were rife on what had happened to him with entire international media trying to track him down.

The mystery was sorted by India’s famous newspaper Times of India, whose political correspondents found him in a circus in Las Vegas. Mr. Phenku, one of the leading investigative correspondents of TOI was tipped of his presence while he was collecting hot pictures of American actresses. It is said that Kim is highly suited for the role of bobo and doesn’t even require much getup for his performance.

Sources close to Kim said that he came to America as it was land of opportunities where one can nurture one’s talent and he believed that he had talent to portray bobo. According to people who have frequented Jupiter circus, Kim as bobo is the funniest Joker that they had seen in entire history.

Meanwhile in north Korea, local media had reported that Kim is on mission to invade USA by killing everyone through laughter and political analysts believe that knowing Kim, he can easily succeed in this endeavor. Whether Kim’s avatar bobo will be successful in achieving this objective will be seen in future but what can be clearly concluded that audience of Jupiter circus are winners.