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Kim Jong, Trump to sort things out in trial by combat

23, Sep 2017 By Pankaj Gaur

The recent escalation in tension between North Korea and USA has put the entire world under constant threat of nuclear annihilation. While the countries ponder over whether to take the threats made by two leaders seriously, the entire situation has negative impact on a large section. Even the world economy is vacillating as each day brings fresh update to the situation.

When two super-powers clash
When two super-powers clash

Meanwhile the global commentators have pointed how the leaders of two nations have made it a personal battle and their opinions have diverted far from the actual position of their administrations. In light of these facts UN has decided to settle the matters in a way which seems to be completely acceptable and satisfactory for all. A trial by combat between the two leaders. Letting the gods decide, the old way.

At first the leaders accepted it readily, preparing a list of champions they could nominate. Kim Jong had the entire country volunteer for protection of the rights of their righteous leader. Meanwhile Trump’s original wish list had to be modified as it included characters from Marvel and DC comics. Now it includes personnel from US marines and other agencies including former FBI director James Comey. However the consent of the participating champions being actively monitored by UN, it seems the situation could take a tricky turn for both. The entire world has united in denial so that the two leaders would actually have to go neck to neck against one another.

Although the administrations were unavailable for immediate comments, Kim Jong should be comfortable with this as he has mastered kung-fu, shooting, and all other battle arts within the first 10 years of his life. On the other hand Trump followers noted that he has started following The Mountain and Ser Bronn of Blackwater on twitter. The exact format of event is yet to be finalised but it surely will be deadly in nature and result in end for one or both of them. Sources say that Leonardo Di Caprio has offered his personal island for the event, saying it will be all for welfare of environment. Both BBC and CNN have agreed to share rights of the event and will broadcast it freely all around the world. In HD, sources stress.