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Kejriwal to be sent for Malaysian plane hunt due to his unique vision

03, Apr 2014 By drindia2014

Government of India has decided to send Aam Admi Party(AAP) leader Mr Arvind Kejriwal for the hunt of missing Malaysian airlines plane MH 370.

According to Government officials, reason of sending him is his unique and extraordinary vision that can see so many thing that other are unable to see like link between politician and media, poor road connectivity and infrastructure in Gujarat.

Apart from well known scam like 2G, CWG, Adarsh, there were many more scams that only he could see and brought in limelight. Even CBI or Court could not found evidence for existence of such scam. Also because of his habit of Dharna, government will not need to arrange for his meal, as he can search for few days without food.

Last week, Ophthalmologist who examined Mr Kejriwal also gave favorable opinion for his vision. Vision of Mr Kejariwal was found to be better than 6/0.1(what a normal individual can see from maximum 10 cm can be seen by him from as far as 6 meter distance). Actual vision may be even much better than this figure, but 6/0.1 was the limit of testing machine made for human eye and not of his vision.

Government has officially informed Mr Kejriwal regarding his three day tour for search of missing plane. Mr Kejriwal has responded positively to this proposal. In his statement kejariwal said “I am ready to go but with few conditions. Firstly, I will do nationwide poll through SMS on whether I should go there or not and will go only if people telling yes would be more than two third. secondly, I am is an Aam Admi so I can not use plane or ship unless sponsored by some media house. I would prefer to use local train, so government will have to arrange for such local train with general coach in indian ocean. Thirdly, his election campaign should not suffer during this period and hence some one else should do campaign on his behalf. “

Kejriwal was of opinion that president Pranab Mukharji would be his choice for campaign for AAP during his absence.

National spoke person of BJP has raised concern that he would find corruption in search operation and may decide to seat on Dharna against authority of Malaysian Airlines and may delay his return. BJP demanded that if he seats on dharma in indian ocean than President should stop campaigning for Mr Kejriwal after 3 days. While congress spoke person has said that he will find remnant of more than one plain and hence there will be new controversy about the remains of other plain.

While Rahul Gandhi said in press conference that remains of the plains should be handed over to indian Government as plane MH 370 implies vehicle registration under Maharastra state government.

Letter to president has been sent for campaign for AAP and day of nation wise SMS poll will be declared in next twenty four hours. After official announcement, NASA also contacted Indian government for sending AK on Mars to find out evidence of Water.

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