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Kejriwal sitting on a dharna in Iraq with terrorists, fighting for their basic rights

11, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

Favorite past-time of Mr Kejriwal ,that is sitting on a Dharna, has taken a complete U-turn. This time it is not for some usual topics like Jan-lokpal Bill or something related to Swaraj. It is the ISIS terrorists among whom he was found sitting on a Dharna.

He has thrown these demands in front of ISIS Chief, “Proper food and shelter for terrorists hiding in the dense bushes”, “Extensive training of young aspiring terrorists”, “Allocation of aluminum based arms”, “Pension Scheme for most outstanding terrorist”, “Allotment of petrol pumps for the families of martyrs”, “Right to information at any point of terrorism”.

Kejriwal with an aam terrorist

“These people are not terrorists they are common man, It seems like I have moved my AAP to a global level. They deserve a proper life, I will keep on fighting for their forbearance.” Kejriwal flew after saying this to a FN reporter over telephone.

“Our intimacy towards these differently Human people tagged as terrorists among normal humans is outspoken. Recently when we heard of our Indian nurses living up like sisters among ISIS people in Iraq, our heart got melted and we decided to export our chief to Iraq, and advised him to work towards the betterment of our Kins.” Kumar Vishwas told FN.

Meanwhile ISIS chief is amazed with the outrageous nature of kejriwal and is pretty much amused by his way of talking. ISIS chief tweeted. “No demands of him are going to be fulfilled , but we are going to keep him with us. He is an entertaining personality.”

Anonymous sources have confirmed about the future plans of Kejriwal that is to file a petition to the United Nations for making fatwas legal, as according to him this is going to diminish the communication gap among the humans on the entire planet.